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Imagine your city supplied itself with clean air.


Imagine your city could clean its consciousness and emissions before releasing its air into the environment.


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The Megaloop is a giant subterranean tube that inhales polluted air and exhales clean air.



The Megaloop system consists of an inhale loop, an exhale loop, and the Aircelerator © section.


The inhale loop is connected to hundreds of air intakes above the Megaloop. In each cycle, polluted city air is sucked into the inhale loop all around the Megaloop (360°). This air then enteres the Aircelerator © for several consecutive revolutions and is processed in three different main procedures: Centrifuge, filter sections, and air washing and organic treatment. The Aircelerator extracts toxic gases like ozone and all kinds of particles. The air is then released through the exhale loop which is connected to hundreds of air outlets around above the Megaloop.


Areas of use


 for mega cities The Metro Megaloop is a massive installation of one or more giant Megaloops. We are currently evaluating whether existing, non-circular, closed-shaped tunnels could be used to house the Megaloop.We are also looking into using existing urban infrastructure for the intake/outlet systems.    for parks Parks might offer a possibility to lay a Megaloop in opencast construction right below the surface.          for ecological buildings In clean air cities, the building indoor air is first processed and then “exhaled” around the building.In polluted cities, the outside air is first processed and then admitted to the building.   



Megaloop was launched by Bennet Uk, Krister Magnusson and Sam Schneider.

We cannot solve this challenge fast enough on our own.


We need your help:

• First-mover municipalities
    for proof of concept
• Research partners• ...and lots of funding.




Your city needs lungs.


c/o Impact Hub

Sihlquai 131, 8005 Zurich, Switzerland


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